Irmagerd! Hermicane!

We’re fine. Never lost power for more than 1/10th of a second, and that was only like twice. Tons (literally) of branches down all over the yard, but nothing hit the house, or if it did, didn’t do any visible damage. We’re not in a flood zone and in fact, being on the side of a hill, the worst ‘flooding’ we could have been subjected to was the pool overflowing a little onto the pavers.

The Good Lord looked after us. Not a scratch in our pool screen, and the only foliage that got smooshed was stuff we pretty much wanted to rid ourselves of anyway. We were blessed as neighbors down the street and behind us had trees smash through their houses (albeit from what I see, not in any living spaces).

I’ll blame the lack of blogging on the hurricane. Let’s go with that.

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