Sweat & Fingerprints

Yesterday I was working up a good sweat on something. I needed to open my cell phone (a Google Pixel) to do something, but because my fingers were also sweaty, it wouldn’t open for me. I tried my iPad, but got the same results.

And this is the technology they want to put on guns? I mean, if there’s a sweat inducing moment, it’s when you have to go for your sidearm.

Heck, it’s not even sweat. While the sensors work most of the time, if I move to quickly, or don’t hold it right, it’ll complain. If it’s that picky under no stress whatsoever, then what happens when you’re heart is racing so fast your hands won’t stop shaking?

While I don’t see an immediate threat to force this on guns right now, I do see this technology being considered ‘mature’ relatively soon (within the next few years) and all these actual issues will be swept under the rug as if they don’t exist to push them.

Gotta stay vigilant about these things.

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