I miss this place

Last night, I had to look up a blog post I wrote a few years ago. As I am wont to do, I ended up reading back through some of my old posts.

Man, it wasn’t half bad, was it? I got myself thinking & even chuckling from time to time. I miss blogging.

Why don’t I do it more? Time. Time is my enemy. My job requires my full attention. I take breaks to do other tasks that are waiting. It’s ok, the pay is good, I like the people I work with, and sometimes the challenges are fun. I rarely want to stab a box of kittens when I get home. But to really blog is to spend time combing news, getting correct information, cross checking, and crafting the absolutely best fart joke you can to tie the whole thing up.

I miss doing all that. Seems like I have ideas for what to write, but never the time to really get it done.

Today, I’m doing something rare – I’m taking a lunch break. Usually I just heat up my lunch and plow through my work at my desk. Today, I needed a break (had a project that failed & was pulled. Not my fault, but to put as many hours as I did into a project to see it not work is depressing). So, I decided to write this.

Because I want this place to stay around. I don’t want to give up on it.

I miss my readers too. Looking back through those posts really made me happy with the conversations I fostered. I never cared about eyeballs, I cared about the comment section. To me, that was the caliber of the post.

I’m also pleasantly surprised that I’ve stayed consistent in my views over the years. Sure, I’ve changed my stance on all kinds of things (when I started this blog, I was a Republican! Talk about change!) but my foundations have remained solid. So, this really is like a diary and it’s fascinating to go through history like that.

Not shutting down any time soon. I keep telling myself I’m going to write Ansible 3 some day, but I tend to dream a lot.

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