A note on hotlinking

I realize that some people aren't tech savvy and aren't aware of some of the technical etiquette the Interweb Tubes require. Here's a quick primer on images

  • If you like someone's image, copy it to YOUR blog's webserver or upload it to your online photo system like Photobucket or Flikr.
  • Always do your best to link back to the original post. Sometimes you find images that you don't know where they originated from and you can't help it, but if you read a blog and like something and want to put it on yours, make sure you give credit where credit is due.
  • Finally, don't hotlink images.  If the SRC attribute of the <IMG> tag doesn't point to YOUR website or your photo hosting service, then you end up using someone else's bandwidth. Doing so may cause the owner of the image to swap out what you are linking to.

UPDATE - The original post has been updated several times and finally the guy saved it to someplace not on someone else's server. This was the original image they were looking at. Here's what I swapped it with (midly NSFW if you have an aversion to gay cooties)

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