Scenes from a random chat session

(12:43:47 PM) Me-Gmail: Hmmm... New Ansible idea. Comments by me are highlighted differentlly. So you can easily scroll right to the AWESOME
(12:44:05 PM) Greg: good idea
(12:44:27 PM) Greg: are you keeping track of all commenters? add an "awesomeness" rating and colorize by it
(12:44:45 PM) Me-Gmail: I should do that too. SHould be rather easy to retrofit
(12:44:47 PM) Greg: so like, if Tam left a comment, it would be bright red, whereas JadeGold would be white text on a white background
(12:45:21 PM) Me-Gmail: JG has never set foot in my place, thankfully. I have UBU52 to deal with
(12:45:46 PM) Greg: well, same concept
(12:46:35 PM) Greg: i'd say you could allow users to rate other users... but A) that'd be a pain in the ass, and B) you need a higher comment volume for it to work well
(12:47:02 PM) Me-Gmail: No, just reading Coding Horror and Jeff Atwood's comments are in yellow. Seems like a decent idea.
(12:47:24 PM) Greg: yep
(12:48:23 PM) Greg: but comment formatting tied to an awesomeness value would be pretty cool regardless.
(12:49:15 PM) Me-Gmail: if(comment.Author == "Robb Allen")
comment.awesomeRating = AWESOMENESS.TotallyFUCKINGAWESOME;
(12:50:08 PM) Greg: your enum could go from AWESOMENESS.ProbablAPieceOfWood; to AWESOMENESS.TamAndLawdogHadABaby;
(12:51:03 PM) Me-Gmail: I only run a 64-bit system with 4 procs and 8 gigs of memory. I don't think my system could handle the latter.
(12:51:19 PM) Greg: lol

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