I’m thinking “Rational Ignorance” is looking more & more rational

Today on Twitter, someone I followed retweeted something about how conservative Christians actually get pleasure from people suffering. I called her out on this and her response was that if it pissed me off, maybe it was because it was true.

I don’t like Trump, thus I’m despised by people I used to fight side by side against the creeping state because hey, they now have the pen & phone and dammit, they’re going to use it and my principles means I hate America & am a commie bitch.

I have no problems with people opening up their homes and accepting refugees who are fleeing oppression. I’m not as much of a fan of me being forced to open *my* wallet to do so, but this means that I don’t care about kids dying. I mention there are people near by that I’d prefer to take care of instead, and I’m called a white-nationalist. Racist. Xenophobe. Whatever the insult du jour is.

Mention that I’m ok with people of any color, religion, background, foreground, downtown, uptown,  whatever – owning firearms to defend themselves and I’m a cross between Satan and Hitler since I want to see people of some  color, religion, or background killed or something.

Not kidding, this morning I opened my favorite “bathroom time” game, Two Dots, to entertain myself while I dropped off a Wookiee at the Cantina, and the splash screen was a political message about the falsely-named #muslimban.

I deleted it immediately.

It’s not logical. It’s not rational.

And dammit… it’s not healthy. I don’t enjoy it any more. I can’t even log into the Bookface thing to post pictures of my woodworking or  my kids without being pummeled by political shit-tossing.

I’m this close to just shutting it all down. Quit Twitter. Mute everyone on FB. Stop reading blogs.

I’ll be ignorant of what’s going on. But I’ll be less angry.

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