You know all that free time I used to have?

Yeah, that’s gone. Because this puppy followed me home last night

Fear and Lathing in Las Vegas

That’s a Nova Comet II Midi Lathe. 12” swing, 16” bed extendable to 42” which means I can make everything from pens to baseball bats. A mid sized lathe in a mini sized footprint. Sucker is heavy at ~80# and absolutely the quietest power tool in the shop. Variable speed via a dial, plus 3 pulley combinations for extra speed / torque.

I got it from Bowls for Good, a fantastic organization in St. Petersburg that gets returned & broken lathes from Nova, refurbishes them, then uses the proceeds from their sales to help feed people in St. Pete as well as providing lessons for disadvantaged youths so that they have a chance at having a skill in life.

The one I got was practically flawless straight out of the box. It was a return, but there was nothing wrong with it at all. $200 for a $500 lathe and all of that goes towards a fantastic cause.

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