Into a crowded field

I might not blog that much any more which is sad because with my woodworking, I’ve had a lot to talk about. One thing I’m trying to do though is get tools. I’m purchasing a band saw probably on Friday because I seem to need it more than a drill press. Many times, a band saw would make short work of things I’ve been doing with a jigsaw by hand (and be less destructive since there’s support under the blade).

Once I get the band saw, I’m thinking about making a few 1911 pistol grips for myself. I’d be willing to make them for you all if you’re interested. I know there’s already a bajillion people out there who make them already, so it’s not like I’m going to be doing something unique, but part of my learning is working on smaller items – jewelry boxes, pistol grips, pencils, etc. Yes, I’m going to make some pencils out of exotic woods. Because I can.

Anyone interested in 1911 grips? I’d really like to do crazy woods like black - white ebony, snake wood, or maybe Lignum Vitae so that you get a workout just lifting the pistol.

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