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OK, I need help. To finish up my desk, I have to have some supports for the riser. I don't want to use regular metal pipes because I think the flanges are ugly, but for the life of me, I can't seem to find what's in my head.

It's a simple 1" wide x 8" long tube in powder-coat black. On the top is a flat plate with screw holes to mount to the underside of the riser, on the bottom is a threaded hole to accommodate a threaded rod. I would drill holes through the desktop, place the rod through, and secure it with a nut & washer.

Normally I don't have such a hard time getting a rise out of people

I can't find anything like this on the internet, so I drew it up in SketchUp. Everything I found is in stainless steel and doesn't have a way to screw a bolt into the bottom so it stays put. Searching for 'risers' give all kinds of plastic tray crap, and "plinths" give couch legs that aren't what I need.

Anyone know what this would be called and where I might be able to find them? Or know anyone who can make them?

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