Not a single drop of blood was shed.

This weekend was crazy busy. First, the Mrs. & I decided we wanted a pallet wall in the art room / office. So, I did that. Air compressor died on me, so I was swinging a hammer all day Saturday. The end results are absolutely stunning.


It's like the world's slowest game of Tetris on "Easy Mode". And upside down. Getting close. You can almost smell the tetnus. Done. Ready to give high fives & splinters.


That was Saturday. On Sunday, I hit the workshop to work on my desk some more. I trimmed the top down to 80" wide, squaring up both sides. I did a pretty decent job as it's 80" wherever you measure from, so yay team me.

Brought to you by the letter C

The top had a horrific cup that you can see in the picture - notice how it bows up in the middle. So with my trusty, 1920's Stanley No. 5 jack-plane, i went to work manually flattening it out. It's a workout in and of itself, and my palms are blistered from all the effort, but it's as flat as it's going to get.

If this thing was any older, Bernie Sanders may have played with it as a toy Flat as Florida

Now to flip it over and remove the cupping from the other side.

I may never want to do butcher block again, but I will say the maple is looking amazing at this point. I've filled in all the gaps with putty & sanded between planing to make sure everything looks good, and yes... it looks good.

I'm exhausted, but it's a good kind of tired. I love hard work like this. Too many people think physical labor is beneath them and that's a shame.

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