Can't stop the signal

Often, Chris Rock is cited as a great source for a logical solution to guns. In one of his comedy routines, he mentions

Everybody is talking about gun control. Got to control the guns. Fuck, that, I like guns. If you've got a gun, you don't need to work out! Cause, I ain't working out. I ain't jogging. No, I think we need some bullet control. I think every bullet should cost five thousand dollars. Five thousand dollars for a bullet. Know why? Cos if a bullet cost five thousand dollars, there'd be no more innocent by-standers.

And everybody laughs. Except for the Brady Campaign, the VPC, or any number of anti-rights individuals. They quote it as gospel.

It's a common theme amongst the ignorant. They assume that firearms are difficult items to make. They assume that cartridge construction requires high end equipment unavailable to the hoi polloi. It is this ignorance that makes them both so easily dismissible and yet dangerous at the same time.

The reason guns cost so much is because they are made to be reliable. If a disposable firearm is what you need, the cost is next to nothing. You can even make them in prisons.

Bullets (the items that actually fly out of the gun) can be cast out of common lead in the home.

Gunpowder is basically charcoal, potassium nitrate and sulfur. Not difficult things to procure. Smokeless powder requires a little bit more oomph to produce, but again a stovetop and a few Erlenmeyer flasks and you're in business.

Even the primers can be made out of matchstick heads and be very effective.

There are billions upon billions of brass casings available. That's a supply that's not going anywhere for a long time. However, a dedicated person could still make their own even if the tolerances aren't that great.

Economics makes most of these ventures fairly cost inefficient for the home user, minus maybe the casting of the bullets. Assembly can be done with common machinery such a Lee and Dillon presses. Lee even makes a hand press that would fit in your pocket.

Someone willing to do these steps in bulk would benefit financially when the cost of obtaining them legally is too great. To rephrase that – criminals will make this stuff when they can't buy it. And without serial numbers and prepackaged ammunition, you'll have even less of a way to track down weaponry used in crimes. And while you'll have effectively disarmed the law abiding, the criminals will still have weapons.

Ignorance is the best weapon the anti-rights people have. It is up to us to diffuse it.

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