As expected

My first dovetails were a complete & utter disaster.

Heheh huh hehe... he said 'soft wood'

Turns out, pine is horrible for practicing these things. The wood is so soft that trying to chisel out the waste ended up ripping it out rather than getting a clean line. I’m going to pick up a board or two of some cheap poplar as it’s harder & should be a bit easier to do this stuff with.

I did build a 10° dovetail marking jig though that works pretty good.

Works better if you take off the clamp, though

I also had to pick up 8 more clamps as my pipe clamps were too big for what I was doing and Lowe’s had the Irwin clamps in a set for a good price. Two 6” and two 12” pack, so I got 2 of ‘em.

I did manage to slice my right thumb & forefinger trying to get a router bit out of the case. Then I rammed a chisel into my left index finger. So I’ve got 3 Band-Aids on my fingers. And splinters. The bandage costs were something I didn’t plan on.

Desk is coming along. The riser needs to be glued up, then I need to make the keyboard tray & a shelf, & try to salvage enough wood to build some blocks to finish up the desktop. I’m short on 8/4 (2” thick) wood, so I can make a few blocks out of thinner wood glued together. If I put those in the middle, you’ll never see the laminate.

Still enjoying woodworking. I want to get into ‘smaller’ scale things like boxes & items that require less power tools & more hands on (thus the dovetail practice). Wife thinks I should make a ton of cutting boards & sell them.

Anyone interested?

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