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So, the other day I was carping about Haloscan's horrific email notification system and remembered that email notification was something that was lacking from Ansible and that 6 or 7 minutes of intense work would remedy that situation.

Before I put my code into place, I wanted to ask you, my loyal and totally awesome readers, your opinions on my plans.

Each email will have the same formatted subject line to facilitate organization [Sharp as a Marble] New comment on Title of Post

Now, while I'm not a whore for hits, putting the entire comment in the email does detract from people visiting the site. Granted, I make about $3 a month off of Google Ads so it's not like I'm losing a crap-load of money anyway, but what are your preferences? Do you mind a simple link back to the newer comment or do you like having the whole enchilada delivered to your mailbox.

I'd also like to add a "Notify on Update" system so that any changes to the post itself would trigger emails. Would you like that idea?

Also, would you like to be able to subscribe to a post without commenting?

Finally, the subscription page would let you kill any future notifications. Posts older than X days (currently 30) get shut down anyway so you wouldn't get emails from older stories, but I'd also put in a kill switch into the code to prevent that as well.

Any likes or dislikes from other notification systems you'd like to see added / avoided on Ansible?


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