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Linoge has a bad experience with online shopping

Uhm, how, exactly, am I supposed to know if an item is in stock or not if your webpage does not tell me? Do you honestly expect me to put in an order every day to see if it is in stock, or to call you every day to see if you have gotten your shipments in?

Sorry, folks. In these days of ecommerce and instant information, I am going to take my money to someone who actually has a webpage that semi-accurately reflects their stock information, much less a company that has actually heard of this thing called "backorder".

I've given up much hope of doing any major web work for gun related industries. A few graphic designs here and there will be about as much as I'm going to get. I've found that, like me, most gun dealers are cheap bastards (and I say that with pride, not as an insult).

One of the big things I've noticed is that shopping cart software is overly generalized for selling everything from spools of yarn to cricket bats. Due to this, it takes a lot of finagling to get a shopping cart up to speed for a gun dealer. I've yet to see one actually do it right.

For example, in most other industries, you have a few options for products. Color, size, etc. You can search for products pretty easily. With firearms, sometimes you don't know what you want, but you know bits and pieces like caliber, finish, brand, or any myriad of options.

If I thought I could sell it, I'd love to write a shopping cart system that catered specifically to the firearm industry. Searches would be catered to guns, sales would be geared to require FFL information, etc. I could also sell the service of a centralized database of firearm types and accessories to facilitate data entry. Even possibly FFL listings.

The problem is, nobody would want to pay for it. I should know, I've tried to sell my services on this! Now, I could try to cobble up a bunch of other gunnie developers and do an open source thing, but honestly, I'd rather get paid for my effort.

So, I guess we'll just have to deal with shitty web sites and poor online customer services.

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