My plan for my music editing desk

OK, I think I’ve finally got what I want nailed down. I need an editing desk for my music room, something that brings the monitors (both visual and speakers) up to eye & ear level while also giving me tons of room for a 49 key keyboard, plus slide-out computer keyboard. I was going to do 4 legs, but the Mrs. reminded me I need some storage for stuff that seems to collect, so on the left I designed a basic, boxy shelf.

I know the Resolute Desk, and you're no Resolute Desk

This is what it would look like if the wood was naked
A non shaded version for a clearer vision

Overall dimensions – 80” wide, 29” tall (to main desk top), 28” deep.

The top & riser will be stained, maple butcher block, 1” thick. The computer keyboard tray and single shelf will be 3/4” thick maple, butcher block. The legs are 2 3/4” black metal and the risers will be 3/4” galvanized pipe painted a glossy black to match the shelf / legs.

For the riser pipes, I need to figure out the best way to attach them without flanges as those would take up an inordinate amount of space. I’d also like to drill holes above the rear poles to use them as conduit for cords & whatnot.

Thoughts? Tips? Warnings? Do I need to worry about sag at 80”?

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