This weekend’s wood-venture

I finally got the storage bench & daughter’s bedside table done.

From this

Have a seat.

to this

Bench, please...

It's like a waiting room for the pool bathroom

and this

Made from recycled digital plywood

To this

Before it gets coated with My Little Pony & boy band stickers

Both of these projects were built using 3/4” birch plywood. The table had some birch veneer to the top edges so I could stain them, and the rest of the plywood edges were simply slathered in wood putty & sanded down.

My next major project is building a desk for my music room, followed up by replacing the eyesore of a laundry table we have. These will be made with hardwoods rather than plywood and hopefully have a bit more to them than just pocket screws & butt joints.


The 80's called. Said you could keep this thing I was going to build a washing machine out of plywood & oak, but time constraints prevented that

All in all, I’m having fun learning. I of course need more & more tools like a band saw, drill press, oscillating sander, etc. and I’ll get those eventually as needed.

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