The danger of words

I may be blogging less, not talking about guns as much, but believe me, I’m very aware of what’s going on.

One thing I want to point out is how those who want power over you (and this doesn’t just mean politicians. It can mean college professors, activists, etc.) will use words to hide their intent. Words crafted in such a way that unless you give it some thought, would seem benign.

For example, when politicians and anti-gunners say “We want to get weapons of war off the street”, what they actually mean is “We want to take your guns from you”. Guns don’t just lie in the street, waiting to be picked up (Well, ok, sometimes they are, but you can blame police for this). And any firearm is a weapon, the war part is just extra words to add fear.

They don’t care about ‘guns on the street’, they are worried about guns in the hands of the people they want to control. But they use phrases like ‘getting guns off the street’ because it’s a generalization that is mean to make you look like a horrible person if you disagree. If there were actually guns on the street, kids could pick them up and hurt themselves, why don’t you love children & puppies you knuckle dragging murderer?

Call them out on this. Every chance you get. Do not concede the language to them. Do not allow them to rewrite things in doublespeak. These words work on both the weak willed and the non-interested as lots of smart people hear dumb things they don’t generally care about and don’t put in the effort to untangle the words & their meanings.

The world is getting scary right now. Don’t let your guard down.

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