Finished cutting board

My first end grain cutting board was a pretty good success.

Thanks to Virgil of Virgil Guitars, I was able to borrow his drum sander. Had I not had that available, I’d still be sanding this puppy flat.

You're not board with this yet, are you?

Now that I have a routing table, I was able to put a round-over on the edges in literally seconds rather than the 30 minutes it used to take me trying to do it by clamping the board, routing an edge, unclamp, flip, rout, etc.

I sanded with 120, then 220. I went up to 600 with my first board, but it’s so polished that it doesn’t take oil very well. 220 is fine for a cutting board.

I also was able to use the table to make the handles on the ends. I wanted this to be a reversible board so I set the fence back so that the straight cut bit (1/2”) was dead center of the thickness of the board. I then put two blocks of wood to act as stops against the fence, 2 1/2” further than the edge of the centered board to give me a 5 inch hold. Finally, I slowly & carefully placed the board end down onto the bit, using the rightmost stop as a guide & moved the board to the left stop. Flip & repeat.

A little oil (ok, I lied – a LOT of friggin’ mineral oil. End grain is thirsty) and voila! My first end grain. And last. Unless I can get a drum sander.

Oiling my wood. Sadly, not a euphemism

Looking sharp, looking for love. Or tomatoes. Get a grip

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