So, I did manage to get Assassin's Creed up and running on my PC. The game is fun, but not as fun as it appeared at first. It gets repetitive pretty fast.

The gist of the game is that you play a character whose ancestor was an assassin and using high tech doodads, you can 'relive' the memories of him. It's set back during the Crusades, so the game play has Christians and Muslims duking it out.

Anyway, when you load the game, there's a message from Ubisoft letting you know that this game was written by a multicultural group of various faiths and beliefs. See, they don't want you getting the wrong idea that they are against any particular religion because that would be wrong, but walking up behind guards and shoving a long knife in their throat is perfectly acceptable.

Murder = Fun & Excitement. Possibly offending someone's religious sensibilities? Not so good.

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