A tale of no pants

Since Tam alluded to the whole "No Pants" shtick I do here, I figured a little back story is in order.

Right before the Para USA / Blackwater trip, all of that were going were on a group email discussing the outing and the various things that were going to happen while we were there. Kerby is the PR guy for Para and was heading up the emails, letting us know the details and whatnot.

Kevin Baker responded to the group that he was planning on wearing his most offensive t-shirts in order to keep the video cameras off of him. This, of course, did not go over well with Para. For them, this was an advertising opportunity and they weren't going to have offensive clothing make it difficult to film the event. So, the riot act was read and several people got their feathers ruffled. A lot of it was due to misunderstandings and not recognizing Kevin's sense of humor, but the emails started flying fast and furious.

Eventually, everything was smoothed out and each party understood the other, hugs were given, and all was well.

To which I finally replied to everyone "OK. Now, I'm totally confused. Do I have to wear pants or not?"

And there good readers is the beginning to a joke that apparently is never going to die.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to stand up. The cloth on this chair is chafing my delicate ass.

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