Technology Suggestion for UPS and FedEx

I am anal about shipping and tracking. I want to know where my items are within seconds of placing my order. Now that I am married, I no longer have the option of checking off "Same Day Shipping" and have been relegated into using "Ground". If there was a cheaper option called "Whenever you get around to it", my wife would insist I use it.

So, now that there is more than a 1 hour delay between hitting "Place Order" and the doorbell ringing with my new, totally unneeded but highly desired toy, I get antsy waiting for my package. UPS and FedEx both tell you that your package, like Elvis, has left the building but dammit that's just not enough!

They should implement GPS tracking for packages. I want to know the coordinates within 10 meters of where my gizmo is at all times. I need email alerts that tell me if the driver of the truck is taking a road that is congested and gives me a cell phone number so I can call him and let him know a quicker route. I need instant messages telling me that my package is actually getting further away from me rather than constantly closer. My doorbell should never be rang again because I'd know the exact second Mr. UPS / FedEx driver is at my door. Think of the efficiencies involved! Think of the heartaches avoided! My God! Think of the Children!!!!

Ok....I'm frothing...ok.....whew....

That's it. No more caffeine today.

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