Infinite monkeys, infinite typewriters

Joe writes concerning Snark™

For quality Tam does far better than I can even dream of. Robb Allen doesn't quite have the quality of Tam but seeing them side by side for a few days:


And it was obvious Robb has the edge on quantity.

Tam's writing ability is razor sharp. She comes up with turns of phrases I can only dream of. I still giggle when I think of this classic

Going to a Bond flick and complaining about the lack of a plot is like going to an Episcopalian church service and complaining about the lack of strippers.

Anyone who has ever met me, though, will know that 2/3rds of everything that comes out of my mouth is either sarcastic or humorous. It's just how I am. I rock at situational comedy and can pick up on the mood of others and tailor the funny for the current scenario. I'm great at funerals, really.

So, I crank it out until I eventually hit something really, really funny.

However, put something to slow me down in my way – say, a keyboard and Windows Live Writer – and my magical powers simply disappear. I can't type as fast as I think, and once the thought passes my brain, it's gone for good. Not quite as fast as an Obama campaign promise, but close. I've read through past articles and sometimes I even make myself chuckle, but it's few and far between. Unlike Tam, who you can expect it each and every time.

Oh, and by the way, even though in that picture it looks like I have a rabid dingo up my ass, I'm not really pissed off, that's just the lighting. Besides, I'm wearing Tam's shooting glasses!

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