Oiled down the cutting board today and it is complete.

First and not the last

Tomorrow, I have all day planned for the workshop. I have to get some screws to finish up construction of my bench, then fill in all the edges with wood putty & let dry. Then sand. And sand. And sand.

I have 2 more frames to build for the barn doors (those take about 30 minutes each, nothing too big). I’m trying to decide on the panel construction though. The dowels don’t work the way I had hoped & I don’t own a biscuit cutter, although I’m thinking of just biting the bullet & buying one. I was hoping to not deplete my budget, but that’s what it was for anyway. I can get the ends glued together precisely, by hand, but it’s the middles that will always be problematic.

And in between those projects, I’ll be building the next cutting board – this one is going to be epic. And is a bit intimidating. End grain AND ‘inlaid’


It’ll be walnut with a maple end grain inner-edge. Getting each block to align perfectly will be a challenge, but one I’m happy to take on.

Oh, and I need to finish up all my projects so I can clear off enough space from my bench to put my reloading press back on. I gotta pump out some ammo.

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