When I was your age

We only had 64k of memory and we considered ourselves damned lucky when the tape drive didn't chew up the cassette after 45 minutes of loading. I reveled in 16 colors (not 16 million… Six-fraking-teen) and 3 channel, polyphonic sound. Hard disk? Hell no, they were floppy, and large and we were thankful we didn't have to use tapes any more!

Armed Canadian knows what I'm talking about.

It's something my children will never understand. Last year or so, we went to visit my mother in Atlanta who, at the time, didn't have a DVR. My girls simply didn't understand why they couldn't pause the show they were watching to go eat breakfast.

I bought them their own computer to play Noggin and Webkinz on so they'd leave my wife and my PCs alone. It was a cheap box, only paid like $200 for it yet it has 2 gigs of memory, a dual core Athlon processor, 500gigs hard drive, and puts the super computers of the old days to shame.

Eventually, we'll stop measuring memory in gigs. My girls will have 256 petabytes which they will complain about since all their friends have exabyte systems.

And I'll remind them that at one time, it was actually said that you would never need more than 640 kilobytes of memory. Then they'll look at me like the old fart I am, plug the Universal Brain to Computer Connector (UBCC) into the socket behind their skull and study the Paleozoic  era by interacting with dinosaurs.

And I'll be thinking how cool Crysis looked.

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