Blown away

I'm not really a big gamer. I enjoy a good shoot 'em up every here and there, but I'm not the kind of guy who has to get the latest game and play it for 8 hours straight until I beat it on "Ludicrous".

The last game I bought was Bio Shock which was gorgeous in its own right. A city built beneath the sea overrun with insane people, creepy little girls, and dudes fused into diver's suits.

It amazes me the difference in shooters in just a few years. I mean, in 1995 we had this


And a little over a decade later, this…


So, this weekend I decided to buy Crysis because, well, I bought the super video card and I wanted to test it out. Holy crap on a cracker, Batman! What a game! First, the visuals almost to the point of photorealistic (click to embiggen)


The jungles are not only lush, but reactive - if you shoot a small tree, you'll split it and knock it over. There's atmospheric effects like rays of light filtering in through the canopy. And the facial features of the characters are so damned realistic, it's nuts. I mean, you can see the guy's shaving bumps for Pete's sake. This isn't just a picture on a sphere either, the bump-mapping techniques available in real time were things I only dreamed about in my early 3D modeling days (see this for an in game example). Crysis is heralded as the best looking game to day, and I can't argue.

The physics are also amazing. My GT260 video card has the PhsyX engine built into it, and when the shit flies, it flies. Each piece of debris interacts with other items, causing chain reactions. You can pick up just about anything and give it a good heave-ho. When rounds start impacting near you, dirt is thrown around and sticks to your visor. Water beads up and drips down when you get wet, smearing your vision. Blood too.

Another impressive aspect of the game is sound. When a grenade goes off near you, things become muffled for a while while your hearing recuperates, just like in real life. Same when shooting an non-silenced rifle which also has muzzle flash that gets in your way.

Gonna have some fun with this game, that's for sure. If you have a system that can hack it (mine runs everything at its highest level), I highly suggest it.

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