Beginnings of the barn door build

I picked up all the wood yesterday (my vw GTI can haul a lot more than it looks!). Today I started on the project.

First I picked the best boards for their jobs. I got 25% more wood than I needed to make sure I had excess should any ugly knots or tears show up. There were 12 1"x10"x8' and 25 1"x4"x8', all in spruce. The frame will be on both sides of the door (hence the large quantities of 1x4)

I started by laying out the 1x10s, then putting the 'frame' on it to get an idea of the crossbeam cuts. The door dimensions are 4'x7' and after all my cuts, I nailed it *dead on*.

Today, I got one frame done, all the horizontal frame pieces cut & drilled for pocket holes (they'll be on the inside so you won't see them). Waiting on some dowel centering pins to show up so I can glue up the 1x10s and then cut them to length.

It's a ton of work, but very satisfying.




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