It's not you it's... No, it's definitely you

I'm finding myself ignoring more and more friend requests on Facebook. I feel bad, but I'm slowly getting over it.

I've got 165+ friends right now. It's not that I don't love 'em all (even though I don't), it's just that Facebook doesn't really let me determine who is a real friend vs. someone who is a passing acquaintance. The issue is that my notifications get cluttered up with the on goings of people I'm not as concerned about while people I do care about get relegated to Page 17,932 of 2,323,661.

Also, if I don't know you by name and we've not traded a few dozen emails, then you gotta let me know who you are. If I don't instantly recognize you (and my own mother would have a hard time doing that), then a little message of "Hi Robb, I read your blog / I went to school with you / We slept together for a few years and you gave me this itch" is critical in helping me determine if I should just hit the ignore button or not.

Facebook rocks for getting in touch with old friends but it makes it a little difficult some times. Hopefully, the new changes they are planning will help with this.

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