Lord, this is some crazy, boring, overly complex, useless crap.

Too many times (and this is one of them) software people confuse "flexibility" with "easy to use". Reusability is a dangerous game. You can engineer software so that it can be reused anywhere, but that tends to require a lot of external support for common tasks. Over engineer it, and it becomes just as difficult to implement as it would have been to have it too tightly coupled.

That is what I'm experiencing right now. Just to get a single field onto the screen, you have to call a web service that is a wrapper around another web service. That web service has to load an XSD file, then make a call to an internal process that then calls the business web service. The XML document comes back and has to beĀ  translated through the original XSD. The resultant data set is then passed to a JavaScript class which loops through the data until it finds the field you wish to display.

Lord help you if a single piece of any of that is out of synch.

We spent the entire first day just trying to get our development environments to at least run. It's all open source stuff, but we require something like 100 plug ins to just get anything on screen.

Flexible? I guess. But the man hours required to maintain the flexibility are unfathomable.

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