Update on the Great Nubbing of 2015

I haven't taken any pain meds in 3 days. Finger hurts, but is more annoying than ZOMGCUTITOFF!!!!! Looks nasty, but I'm able to change the dressing without wanting to puke. Friday I had a wound check & they had to rip off the bandages because they had fuse with the clots. There was so much pain.

Later, the tip of my finger went numb. At this point, I'm chalking it up to a bit of nerve damage. Hopefully this will not be anything that will interfere with my guitar playing (once I'm able to use the finger again, of course).

I'm lucky. There's a little less 'finger' there than there should be, but it'll grow mostly back and the worst case is a little numbness & a nasty scar.

Thank the Lord the jointer threw my hand & didn't pull it into the machine. I'm very lucky.

And now I'm also a very poor typist

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