The instructions for using a jointer are not printed in braille on the blades

So, last night I was cleaning up some wood in the shop on the jointer when the wood slipped and my hand went into the blade.

Not fun.

I managed to turn off the jointer, the shop vac, the lights, lock up the shop, turn off the hose filling up the pool, locked the door, got Irelyn, locked up Pepper in her crate, & drive myself to the ER where I bled all over the place.

I have a much, much bloodier pic

I lucked out as it didn't hit the bone so they were able to sew the finger back together (cut is on the fingerprint side from top to the 1sr knuckle) but OMG does it hurt, & I have a rather high pain tolerance.

Anyway, no guitar playing for me for a while, but it should heal with no problems & just a nice scar to remind me to always use push sticks.

Guess I'm not starting the storage bench build this weekend.

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