Tampa crosses the line

Life has intruded recently & I’ve not been able to make the monthly open carry fishing events in a while, but I missed Tampa PD harassing one of our members this past weekend.

We’ve been doing these since 2010. I used to call the city attorney to let him know we would be there, but he eventually told me there was no need to call since it was a non-event. The police never had an issue and in fact were part of the best fishing event ever. Yes, we had the occasional person freak out, but just like people who freak out over two people with different skin colors holding hands, you can generally ignore bigots.

So, this sounds like an overzealous cop who felt his authoratah was to be respected, Florida Carry will pursue this & there will be corrective action taken. Our end goal is to do whatever it takes to ensure law abiding gun owners are not harassed for exercising their rights.

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