Why Bush Fans Shouldn't Get Cocky

All of this talk about huge leads for Bush I fear will only make people relax about this election. Here's a statistic from Congress.org that shows a poll that looks great for Bush, until you see what it really boils down to.

Out of everyone signed up at the site, here is the percent of votes for Bush, Kerry, and Other

Looks good, huh? 54.3% for Bush. Not really a landslide, but it'd be enough to shut up those lefties that claim it was too close and was stolen right? Except for the fact that via this poll, Bush would lose.

Here's the chart (and state view) of the only votes that count, the Electoral College's.

Not as pretty, huh? See, the popular vote isn't what counts, so even if Bush had 75% of the popular vote, 270 Electoral votes for Kerry gives Bush the boot. And it could happen.

If Kerry were to win the White House and lose the popular vote, you'll be witness to the closest thing possible to the Twilight Zone. Wingnuts will all of a sudden find religion in The Popular Vote while the Moonbats will simply say "Well, you say it didn't matter before, NOW we believe you".

I'm not trying to spread gloom (ahem, Bill ;) what I'm trying to do is bring up reality. As much as I want to believe the Kerry Kamp is as dumb as a bag of hammers, I can't lie to myself about it. Kerry and his campaign are sure to have something up their sleeves and to relax and say Bush has it in the bag is dangerous.

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