For now, it appears the Spammers are winning

For the past week or so, a new spamming system must have popped up because I’m getting inundated with crap emails. This time, though, the new system has enough variance in it to evade most of my traps.

The urls they try to link to are random enough. I’ve not been able to spot the same links anywhere. Same with the included images. They come from domains like or / co / ru / etc.

The text is closer & closer to English. They all start with something along the lines of “If you cannot read this advertisement” but there are so many variations I can’t block them. For example “Can’t spot the Ad in this?”, “If you can’t load our Adver-tisement”, or “If your display can’t examine our coupon”.

Even the source code of the email is random & I’m not able to find a common chunk of HTML against which I can say “Aha! This is spam!”

I get them in blocks, and the IP’s the come from are all over the world. Spamhaus, SpamRats, & SpamCop aren’t catching them (I assume this is some sort of virus that spreads fast).

I really need to get Spam Assassin up & running with hMailServer, or something similar.

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