New server issues

One, it's fast as hell. Too bad my Windows Server is 32 bit, but still I can't believe how zippy the dang thing is. Hopefully everyone should get a little better performance out of it (I like the suggestion that Glenn link to me to reeeeealy test out its speed!)

The only issue I'm having right now is that if the old server goes off line, I can't log into anything (meaning the new server isn't acting its part as a Domain Controller). I made it the Operations Manager for everything (Schema master, RID, Infrastructure, etc) but oddly had to manually set up the SYSVOL share. Replication goes without a hitch.

It bothers me because that means my skill set in NT Administration is slipping. But, I'll chat with the network guys at work tomorrow and hopefully it will all come back to me.

However, the blog should be perfectly good. I can't say as much about the content, though.

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