The final move

Ok, I hope this is the last time I have to do this. The server I recently moved to was too loud and none of the bios fixes I applied made one whit of difference. So I spend ~$400 and made a new server from scratch.

Fastest damned computer I've ever seen. Reboots to welcome screen in under 45 seconds. If you want to get to the bios, you better be pressing DEL when you turn on the switch. Literally, the old CRT monitor I had hooked up couldn't reset itself faster than the bios. By the time the image came on the screen, it was already loading windows.

Impressive for a few hundred bucks.

There's no RAID SCSI or redundant power supplies or anything you'd expect in a server grade machine, but considering I've been running on a PII 450MHz with 512M of RAM for years, it should work just fine.

Plus I realized I could build my daughters' PC for really cheap too!

Again, let me know if you're getting this.



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