Renewing old apps

I got a ping from the Book Face thing last night that someone mentioned me in a comment. I rarely even open the Book Face, but I went to check it out anyway because I’m vain.

Someone was talking about one of their rifle outings and how good their grouping was. They knew this because they used my Shot Group Analyzer, which I promptly thought “That’s still around???”

Which is odd because every here and there I see it on the Interweb Tubes. I see screenshots of people’s targets with my graphics on them so I know people use it, but then I promptly forget people are using it.

I did that back in 2010 and I did it in (*shudder*) Silverlight. Mostly because I was doing a lot of Silverlight work back then anyway and I was using it as an excuse to practice.

Well, now I’m doing a crap-ton (metric, not imperial) of AngularJs so I’m starting to rewrite it in pure HTML5 so that a) you’re not cursed with Silverlight & b) more people should be able to use it.

Glad I found the source code though because had I not, I wasn’t going to go through that math again. Maths are hard & that one was rather brutal trying to build a ‘hull’ around all the shots to get specific data. But I do, and now I have to convert everything over to JavaScript, so hopefully someone else out there will find it handy and all my work will not be for naught.

Any users of it have any upgrade suggestions?

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