Now they’re just getting desperate

Being that nobody actually emails you about Viagra or Cialis, it was easy to filter your email for those words. Spammers got sneaky & tried simple misspellings like Cailis and Vigara. That too eventually got caught and tossed into the trash.

But spammers are smart. They realize the average IQ is dropping like panties after a six pack of Bartles & Jaymes ‘Summer Peach’ wine coolers, and with spelling skills being replaced by texting, they’re now sending out gems like this

C1laiis & V1gara Noow

Weeb Phrramacy
Best cost you ever sseen!

V1gara 0,38$
Leevtira 0,93$
C1lals 1,20$

- Looweest prices and t0p quality on the marrket!
- Mediical associatiioons approoved pr0duucts
- W0rldwide shipping, yoou can trrack deliivery proogress
- All kind oof produucts in 0ne place
- Official suppliiers
- Unmarked packaage
- Gifts and diiscounts
- Y0u can paay by VIISA and AMEXX
- Next day deliivery foor US cliients __NEW!

It’s like Max Headroom is selling boner pills.

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