The rush of emotion was not something I had planned on

Last evening, a tow truck showed up to our house and took away the Liberty to the scrap yard.

Goodbye my old friend

This was done unceremoniously. I walked outside to make sure everything was copacetic, and something happened that I was totally not expecting – I felt a deep & profound sadness.

It was the *ding* *ding* *ding* from the car letting us know the keys were in the ignition and the door was open that did it. That sound has been with me since 2001 when we bought the thing (even thought it’s a 2002). I know the car is an inanimate object that has no feelings about any of this, but it struck me as if it was reminding me it was still there and it needed me.

I’ve never felt anything like that about a car. When I sold my Wrangler, which I loved dearly, I walked away without a second thought. I’m a utilitarian at heart and don’t get attached to specific material things that often, and never really cars. But that Jeep Liberty was the first brand-new car my wife ever owned. We carried both of my daughters home from the hospital in that car. I recall the night my wife & I went out to eat to celebrate her being pregnant for the first time and us making the calls to our parents to tell them in that car.

I even remember bringing it home (I have pictures!)

Still had that new car smell!

And now it’s gone. Thrown away, discarded, unloved.

And that leaves me kind of feeling sad.

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