It was the longest ‘Thank You’ hug I have ever received

Georgia was near tears, she was so happy to get her drums

Neal Pert? Yeah, he's okay I guess

Pardon the messy floor. I didn’t have time to clean up the packaging before she hopped on ‘em.


Neighbors won’t hear a thing. If you close the office door, it’s just dull thudding. There are 90 kits programmed in (plus 10 user kits) so she should have plenty to keep it interesting for a long time. Eventually we can run the MIDI to my PC, but I’ll have to get something that either converts DIN to USB or just a DIN enabled card or something. It has USB, but for storage and not for MIDI.

Easy to set up, everything worked perfectly out of the box, and I have one very, very happy little girl.

Now to look at a travel sized electric & an amp for iMac.

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