Nothing in life is guaranteed

Last week, I had a job that was considered a sure thing. The tech interview went as well as an interview could possibly go. When I went to the HR interview, I was told that was nothing but a formality. Then they cut the position.

Yesterday, I had an interview that went even better than the one I just talked about. They seemed visibly excited at the prospect of me coming on board. I was even asked when could I start, which generally is a very positive sign. There’s also no chance of this company cutting the position because I was informed they were currently turning away business because they don’t have the staff to fill all the orders. So that shouldn’t be something I need to worry about.

Add in the fact that the guy I interviewed likes shooting guns and playing guitars (and even made an Obama joke to which I just grinned and said “We’re going to get along just fine”) and I think I made a great impression.

They are a perfect fit for me. From what they described, I am a perfect fit for them. The office is simply amazing and the job is even better. I’d be coding a LOT, but I’d also be mentoring junior developers, getting them up to speed and helping them become senior level. There’s room for moving into an architect type position (I’ll be doing some architecture work anyway) or if I want, I can just stay and code.

I will find out today at noon-ish if they make an offer. I see no other current job opportunity that I am currently in process that would make me not accept the offer.

But the offer has to be given first. Been there, done that, got the broken heart that goes along with it.

If not? Sigh heavily, feel sorry for myself for a bit, then dig deep and keep going. Doesn’t matter how many “No’s” you get, it only takes one yes.

I’d just happen to like it to be this one.

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