If you need me, I’ll be over here on these pins & needles

Today is the big day. My #1 choice will either make an offer today or not. If they do, I’ll have to let the other two opportunities I’m currently in process for know and see if there’s anything they’re going to be able to do to pull me away, but I don’t see much wiggle room there. I don’t want to be overpaid (I know that sounds odd, but overpaid mean ‘easier to let go as well as easier to replace with cheaper labor’) and this particular job already has good benefits and a great work environment (50% pants free!).

That’s, of course, assuming they make an offer. I nailed the technical interview with aplomb & the recruiter said that she had never gotten a call back so fast after an interview and it was extremely positive. The recruiter told me that nobody she’s ever placed there was turned down after the HR interview and that one went well too. Add in the fact that they’ve been trying for several months to find someone and hadn’t had any luck until they interviewed me & you’d think I was a shoe in.

But I’m negative Nancy. And there does appear that there was another person interviewing for the position. So, even though I did as well as I possibly could have, there’s always that chance things don’t work out. Which is why I have two other things in the works.

My stomach is the size of a stunted walnut and is full of butterflies. The recruiter is in California, so there’s a 3 hour delay to add into the stress.

Hopefully nobody pops a balloon around me today, I may just explode.

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