Two big ones today

I have two face-to-face (and thus requiring the dreaded pants) interviews today. Both are on the top of my desired positions so far, both look to be excellent opportunities for me to stretch my skills as a developer.

Oddly, I’m a little on the nervous side. Things are going to move quickly and I want to make the right decision. I’m not a job hopper, and I’ve already once in my career joined some place that I ended up loathing within days and left within weeks. What I want is a place that I can see myself hanging around for a while without having to ‘get promoted to management’.

It’s nice to have several opportunities to choose from and hopefully one of these two turns into ‘the one’. I have a slight preference between the two, but things can change and of course, it depends a lot on the offers.

The monkey suit has been de-wrinkled. Have several of my resumes printed up. Directions for both with maps to the nearest Starbucks since there will be a bit of time between the two and I don’t want to sit in my car for an hour. Gotta grab some breath mints too.

Wish me luck.

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