Wish me luck

I’ve got a phone interview in a little bit that I was informed was ‘brutal’ and oddly, I’m looking forward to it. It should stretch my technical ability to the max, which is really a good thing. Then I have another one later this afternoon, and am currently having yet a third interview scheduled, although that one will be onsite and either tomorrow morning or Monday.

Already have had two rejections, but that’s to be expected. I don’t expect I’m a perfect fit for every company and vice versa (remember folks, the interview process is for YOUR benefit as well) so it’s bound to happen. Plus, I’m as Senior Level as they get, and often companies would rather take a less experienced person for less pay.

Anyway, I should do well enough. The technical knowhow is there, hopefully I can surface the data from my brain. Otherwise, the response will be “I don’t know, I can look it up in the documentation”.

Nervous? Yes. Confident? Yeah, that too. Cocky? I sure hope not.

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