I don’t know, I just do

Had to take a skills test on C#. Bugs me that I should get 110% and only take :30 to take the whole thing, but I didn’t. Missed 5 questions, and worst is I don’t even know which ones they were. A lot of these test go back to the minutia of development, things that you forget the details of… you just do it.

I also do not know the function name to remove all items from a queue. It’s Clear(), but there’s no need for me to remember that, Visual Studio’s Intellisense does that for me. I really hated the “Which of these statements are FALSE?” because I never think in those terms, I just don’t do it. Having to put what I don’t do into words is odd for me.

This is why I prefer face to face interviews. I’m not shy about saying “I don’t know, I’m sure when I compile it’ll let me know why the code printed out on the paper is bad” because that’s reality. I know these things intuitively, sometimes putting them into A,B,C, or D just makes the brain waste a bunch of CPU cycles.

But, it’s what I gotta do, so I do it.

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