My new job

Is finding a new job.

I don’t get how people can lose their jobs then sit around for weeks on end until they start looking. I had recruiters on the phone Friday afternoon and my resume polished and ready to go by Saturday.

Thanks to following Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, I don’t have to worry about financials while I look for another job, but that doesn’t mean my goal isn’t to get re-employed as quickly as possible. I don’t understand the mindset of “waiting a week or two” to get over losing your job, especially when you have a family who depends on you.

The market is open here for me, and already I’ve got a few leads going on so I hope to end this as quickly as humanly possible while still picking a new job that fits my needs. I won’t hop into the first offer just because I need a job, so if I need to take 2 weeks to pick the right fit, then that’s fine.

But I’m not the kind to just sit here and hold a pity party and ‘heal’. Screw healing, I can do that while I’m working elsewhere.

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