Sometimes, life sucks.

As of today, I am no longer employed. I enjoyed my time at the company dearly and am sad to have had to leave, but due to an unresolvable and fairly big conflict, I had to end my employment with them.

I got home, and already have leads (although some are less desirable than others) but I haven’t even started looking in earnest. I have to get my resume back up to speed over the weekend and then blast it out. I know the market right now, and being unemployed for more than a week is probably out of the question. Thanks to Dave Ramsey, I’m golden for finances and have many months of income stashed away for just such occasions. If you want to help me, send me recruiters & job opportunities, not cash :)

If you still want to send cash, talk to me. We might be able to work something out.

Don’t worry about me, been through being unemployed before and I’m not the kind to sit around. My former employer said they’d more than gladly help me find another job by both sending their best recruiters as well as provide a positive reference should I need it (I can’t go into details about the situation, but it wasn’t an easy decision for anyone) and they said that if in a week or two when I was ready to start looking to let them know.

I had them get on the horn while I was riding the elevator out to my car. I don’t wait around for stuff like this.

The market is hot for .Net devs in the Tampa area. If you or anyone you know is looking for a developer with almost 20 years of experience, please let me know & I can send you my resume. Sadly, my ‘archive’ of all emails is empty, and thus I have NO record of ANY recruiter I did any work with over the years. That part could be a bit tricky for now, but I’m tenacious and should be able to find a few names that ring a bell to get me back on track.

Wish me luck.

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