A great list of gun blogs

Ken Blanchard has a good list of gun blogs up. I remember when I started really considering myself a ‘gun blogger’, there really weren’t that many of us around. Now? My traffic is way down because there’s a plethora of great bloggers talking about every facet of guns & gun ownership.

And that’s simply awesome.

You see, there’s no competition on my part for eyeballs. I’m so glad you’re here, reading me, and I appreciate all my visitors. But if another blogger can get people to understand and appreciate the liberty that comes with gun ownership, then I’m just as happy that they have readers too, even if it detracts from my pool.

This blog costs me money out of my own pocket. Sure, I have the GunUp ads, and that puts a few pennies in my pocket each day, but that’s really just an offset. I still pay a laaaaaarge wad of cash each month for ‘hosting fees’ - aka a fixed IP at home with Fios and the costs to run the server. But it’s fine with me. I actually get a lot of enjoyment out of it, and that’s what matters.

So, thanks for your readership, but go check out Ken’s list, and find a blog or two that you’re not reading and put them into your feed!

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