Another scratch pad song

Been working on another song and as usual I have a few compositions in the hopper at the same time, but I like where this one is going, I just need more ideas on where to add interest and am looking for constructive criticism (or effusive praise. I’m not above having my ego stroked) on what I could do to really pump the song up.

I’m not clear on how to build tension in songs, which is important for music in general. With Electronic Dance Music, there’s many tricks one can do to indicate to the listener that something is about to happen, but I can’t put my finger on how to do that. Repetition is a big part of any music style, and a short, memorable phrase is generally better than a long, drawn out one especially if you’re going for catchy.

This song is EDM, so it might not be everyone’s cup-of-whiskey-spiked-tea, but if you happen to have a good set of headphones / speakers, I’d love critiques on loudness, dynamic range, bass (too much? too little?) and composition. Feel free to insult me too. I’m married, so it’ll have very little effect.

You can hear the short sample here, just recall this is a sample and not the complete song. It should change drastically as I get near finishing it. The ‘vocals’ are placeholders, free samples I got off the interweb tubes but they do indicate to me that this could work as a vocal track if I could find someone to sing it and string together some lyrics that fit the beat. The guitar riff is me as this originally was going to be a backing track for me to play over, but the song ended going in a different direction.

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