I need something I will rarely use

Studio Monitors.

I’ve found my mixes sound like crap in certain environments. For example, my car, which has a damned nice sound system. Everything else sounds great, my songs sound like thumpin’ mud with screeching nails against the chalkboard thrown in for good measure.

The problem is I generally use headphones to do my music since I have other people in the house who probably don’t want to hear the exact same phrase played 10,000 times like I have to when writing. And as nice as my AKGs are, they’re not real studio headphones and thus do not have a flat response rate.

A good set of studio monitors will help with that, but the problem is the whole ‘other people in the house’ issue. Plus, most of the time I get to do music is late at night when the kids are in bed. Add into the fact that I’m limited on my budget, and it’s painful to think about spending a few hundred dollars on midrange speakers that I will rarely use anyway.

Another issue is, I don’t have a place to put large speakers. The guitars on the wall take up the space on the left, and the double monitors make it difficult to put them to the sides anyway

With plenty of room left over for several gold records

I want to continue to build onto my ‘studio’ as I’m thoroughly enjoying my hobby, but I don’t want to go crazy and spend money on stuff I’ll never use or never learn how to get the most out of. Heck, I’ve already spent a bundle on software that I’ll never do more than scratch the surface on most of it (and that’s ok – I’ve got enough synths & samplers now to last a lifetime).

Still, mixing is important although technically I could easily send it off to be done by professionals and have it mastered correctly. But it’d be nice to hear it at home properly.

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