What losing looks like

Jay Caruso has a pretty darned good article out over at Pocket Full of Liberty about the left’s loss when it comes to the topic of the Second Amendment

That being said, the real issue here is not so much these nonsensical reasons about why people want to be gun owners but rather the overall attitude the left has for gun owners (and even for those, who like Charlie Cooke are not gun owners but have respect for the second amendment) in general. In the mind of the left, people who support gun rights are not people who respect the constitution, but instead, militant extremists always looking to hunt down the ‘New World Order’ and who don’t care if kids are gunned down in schools.

Their condescension has only gotten worse over the last 10 years and do you know why?

Because they have lost.

It is a debate they have lost. And they don’t like it.

(Emphasis in original)

He shows a few examples of Oliver “Poster Child for Morbid Gynecomastia” Willis attacking the stereotype strawman in his head, which admittedly is a soft target (pun totally intended). But Oliver seems to encapsulate the most common of arguments we encounter on a daily basis. Small penis. Afraid of black people (Poor Colion Noir, he’s going to have a very bad day at the office, isn’t he?). You get the gist.

It’s their go to argument playbook. And while I’m sure there are guys with smaller Johnsons who honestly fear dark skinned personnel and thus buy a gun or two to keep themselves safe and make them feel better about their virility, they are such a minority as to be statistical noise.

As Jay writes, most gun owners are like hammer owners – you go out, buy your tool, learn how to use it, and that’s it. I’m an activist and even I don’t talk guns 24/7. Most gunnies I know recognize there’s a lot more to life than just guns. We see firearm ownership as a pretty good proxy for how you feel about freedom, but we can discuss freedom & liberty without using firearms fine.

The left has lost the main argument because they were wrong on the subject to begin with. Now, it’s personal.

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